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Staff Detail (Session 2019-2020)

Sr. No. Name of Staff Member Designation Qualification
1 Ms. Aruna Kapil Principal M.A, B.Ed
2 Ms. Seema Verma Nursery Teacher BA, NTT
3 Ms. Parminder Kaur Nursery Teacher B.A , NTT
4 Ms. Esha Malhotra Nursery Teacher B.A , NTT
5 Ms. Kuldeep Kaur Nursery Teacher B.Com , NTT
6 Ms. Rajinder Kaur Nursery Teacher BA, NTT
7 Ms. Vandana Nursery Teacher BA, NTT
8 Ms. Sandeep Kaur Nursery Teacher B.Com, NTT, PTT
9 Ms. Shallu Nursery Teacher BA, NTT
10 Ms. Deepa Nursery Teacher B.Com, NTT
11 Ms. Prabhjot Kaur Nursery Teacher BCA,B.Ed
12 Ms. Sushwinder Kaur Nursery Teacher BA, NTT, Diploma in Textile Designing
13 Ms. Sarabjit Nursery Teacher BA , NTT, B.Ed
14 Ms. Amrita PRT M.Sc, B.Ed.
15 Ms. Ravneet Kaur PRT BA, B.Ed
16 Ms. Shweta Arora PRT BA, NTT, B.Ed.
17 Ms. Tarandeep PRT B.Com, B.Ed
18 Ms. Sukhvir Kaur PRT MA , B.Ed
19 Ms. Simple Kaushal PRT BA, B.Ed
20 Ms. Kulvinder Kaur PRT M.A , B.Ed
21 Ms. Harbhajan PRT BA, B.Ed
22 Ms. Manpreet Kaur PRT BA , B.Ed
23 Ms. Supriya PRT BA, B.Ed
24 Ms. Anita PRT MSc , B.Ed
25 Ms. Anit Oberoi PRT MA , B.Ed
26 Ms. Kajal Thapar PRT BA, B.Ed., B.Sc
27 Ms. Navjeet Kaur PRT MA , B.Ed
28 Ms. Mandeep Kaur PRT M.A , NTT, B.Ed
29 Ms. Anjana PRT MA , B.Ed
30 Ms. Poonam Rawat PRT B.Sc , B.Ed
31 Ms. Ramandeep Kaur PRT MA , B.Ed
32 Ms. Beerinderpal PRT MA , B.Ed
33 Ms. Rajdeep PRT MA, B.Ed
34 Ms. Vishaljeet Kaur PRT MA , B.Ed
35 Ms. Jyoti Sharma PRT MSc , B.Ed
37 Ms. Jaspreet PRT BA, PGDCA
38 Ms. Rupinder PRT B.Com, PGDCA
39 Ms. Anita PRT BA, PG Diploma in Office Management, MSc 
40 Ms. Seema Rani PRT-PTI BA, B.P.Ed.
41 Ms. Kumud PRT MCA, B.Ed.
42 Ms. Rimcy PRT B.Com, PTT, B.Ed
43 Ms. Kritika PRT   B.Com, MA, B.Ed
44 Mr. Krishan Kumar PRT 5 Years Certificate Course in Music (Instrumental)
45 Ms. Jyoti Alagh PRT M.Com, NTT, CA Inter , B.Ed
46 Ms. Manpreet Kaur PRT B.Com, B.Music, Diploma in Light Music
47 Ms. Nidhi Passi TGT M.Sc , M.Ed
48 Ms. Pooja Salwan TGT M.Sc , B.Ed
49 Ms. Rama Sahani TGT M.A, B.Ed
50 Ms. Surjit Kaur  TGT B.A , PGDCA, B.Ed
51 Ms. Inderjit TGT M.A , M.Ed
52 Ms. Jyoti Singh TGT MBA, M.Com, B.Ed
53 Ms. Deepika Sehgal TGT B.Sc, M.A, B.Ed
54 Ms. Harpuneet TGT M.Sc , B.Ed
55 Ms. Rakesh TGT M.A , B.Ed
56 Ms. Navneet Kaur (SST) TGT B.A , NTT, PTT, B.Ed
57 Ms. Rubal Sharma TGT M.A, B.Ed
58 Ms. Navneet (Eng) TGT MA, PGDMC, B.Ed
59 Ms. Triveni TGT M.A , NTT, B.Ed , Ph.d
60 Ms. Samridhi TGT MSc 
61 Ms. Sapna Jay Raghav TGT M.A , B.Ed
62 Ms. Harpreet Walia TGT M.Sc, B.Ed
63 Ms. Rajvinder Kaur (SST) TGT M.A , B.Ed , Diploma in Computer Applications
64 Ms. Monika Kashyap TGT M.Sc , B.Ed
65 Ms. Parminder (Comp.) TGT MSc, MCA
66 Ms. Neetu TGT M.A 
67 Ms. Shradha TGT M.A , B.Ed
68 Ms. Prabhjot Kaur TGT M.A , B.Ed
69 Mr. Jaishanpreet Singh TGT-PTI B.A , BPED
70 Ms. Ramanpreet PGT M.A  , B.Ed
71 Ms. Mandeep Kaur (Phy.) PGT M.Sc , B.Ed
72 Mr. Gurpreet Singh PGT-PTI B.P.E , BP.Ed.
73 Ms. Rajwinder Kaur (Pbi.) PGT M.A, B.Ed
74 Ms. Aastha Malhotra PGT M.Com , MBE , B.Ed
75 Ms. Viponpreet Kaur Munjal PGT M.Sc , B.Ed
76 Ms. Parminder Gandhi PGT M.A  , B.Ed
77 Ms. Mandeep Kaur (Comm.) PGT M.Com , B.Ed
78 Ms. Mamta PGT M.Sc, M.Phil
79 Ms. Reena PGT M.A, B.Ed
80 Ms. Lavleen PGT M.Sc , MCA
81 Ms. Harpreet PGT MA, M.Phil
82 Ms. Gurjeet Kaur PGT M.A 
83 Ms. Sapna PGT M.Sc , B.Ed
84 Ms. Archana Counsellor MA, Phd, B.ed
85 Ms. Satvinder Kaur Librarian B.A, D.Lib, B.Lib, DCA
86 Mr. Pardeep Kumar Music Instructor DIPLOMA IN MUSIC
87 Ms. Jasvir Kaur  Nurse BA, GNM
88 Ms. Neera Admin  Graduation
89 Ms. Shakti Admin MA 
90 Ms. Kiranjot Admin B.Sc.
91 Ms. Kavita Gill Admin B.A   
92 Ms. Bindu Sharma Admin B.Sc
93 Mr. Rajinder Singh Badminton Coach  (NIS)
94 Mr. Raman Taekwondo Coach Graduate
95 Mr. Sahil Band Trainer  (ITI)
96 Mr. Mandeep Singh Band Trainer Graduate
97 Ms. Sukhmeet Kaur Music / Guitarist MA 
98 Ms. Pardeep Science Lab Assistant Under Graduate
99 Ms. Jasbeer Kaur Supervisor Under Graduate

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Dear Parents 1. There will be a Parent Teacher Meeting for the students of P.Nsy to XII on 12th October,2019 (Saturday) from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. to discuss the result of First Term Examination. The students will have a holiday. However, they must accompany their parents in school uniform. You are requested to be punctual as teachers will not be available after the stipulated time. 2. You are requested to send your ward in full sleeved shirts and trousers w.e.f. 14th October,2019 (Monday). PRINCIPAL

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